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bobstoc said:

I recently purchased a 2000 DTS w/ 51000 miles. I have been experiencing a rough idle; when I brought the car to a Caddy dealer, he stated the engine was running fine and no codes were found. He further stated "a rough idle was typical for a Northstar engine." Does anyone else have this problem and/or have any remedies?

Thanks in advance.
The Northstar does idle a *little* rough, but it's hardly noticeable. Unless you're extremely sensitive to it, I'm gonna guess that something is amiss. I'd start off with new plugs and wires. If that doesn't work I'd check the coil packs. In addition, I would do the engine oil flush, transmission flush, and coolant system flush if these were not recently done and documented. Your DTS is an awesome car but it needs regular maintenance to stay healthy and strong.
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