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2000 DTS Dash lifting from Sun.

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New to me 2000 DTS is gorgeous except part of the dash in the center where curves around center speaker in the middle is lifting due to apparently being in the sun over time, or just age, or both. Guessing mostly age as the paint on the car is beautiful white diamond and it was garaged for past 13 yrs. I've seen hints in other threads this is not uncommon but am looking for guidance on how to best glue back down. Any help appreciated! Worst case I can get glue under it and put a book or two on it and wedge it into the windshield which will push it down while drying, but I don't think I can get the lip all the way back under where it was originally. Hoping others may have solved this. Thanks!
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Excellent information. Thanks much. Eastwood products are always good quality . I was thinking exactly that - how to best treat before gluing, including what to use, and even considering heating with a drier to get it warm / pliable for max stretching back into place. Exercise weights are good idea. I'm going to go with the less than perfect repair and pass on the entire pad removal, due to abundance of other projects requiring the greater investment of time . Thanks again!
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