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2000 Black DeVille & 1994 Concours
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The all black loaded 2000 Deville (80k mi.)
that I drive is super clean and consequently I
am not inclined to dissuade admirers from
presuming that it is a much newer ride, due to
the consistent post 1999 body style.
It is safe to assume, in view of the harsh
reality that the 2000 was the first of the new
generation of Devilles in the post Fleetwood
era, that the 2001+2002 would have worked out the
initial bugs and kinks better. Nonetheless, it is a
sharp, fast and luxurious vehicle worthy of immense praise.
One note of caution, if you are not mechanically inclined
always check the forums before you approve the Dealer
doing work that you might not absolutely need.
I have learned that Esteemed Caddycommunity is an
intelligent, honorable and well informed one and as such,
it will serve you well.

Best Regards,

TomDeville :coolgleam :coolgleam :coolgleam
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