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Katshot said:
I had over 50 2000 Devilles and I'll tell you that they are a HUGE improvement over the '99 and earlier cars BUT........I would suggest an '01 instead. We had quite a few "issues" with the first year car and I can tell you that many of them were addressed in the '01. Not ALL, but many were. Still, if I personally was looking, I'd avoid the '00.
Sounds a bit like a wilt chamberman quote. Anyways.. I bought a 2001 Deville in July. They are very nice. Had a steering clunk that we fixed by relubing the steering half shaft. Also had a raido/amp issue that a Tech2 didnt see. Disconnecting the battery fix that one. Else then that a great car.

Soon to be a bootleg DTS. Been working on the trim...done. Correct emblems ordered....done. Michilens came today..will be mounted Friday on the DTS rims. Paint! week!

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