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1999 White Diamond ETC
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2000+ Deville O.E.M. Muffler length? 14" or 20"?

I've noticed that the stock mufflers on the last FWD Deville (2000+) looks shorter than that of the Eldos (but I don't have a guinea pig to measure).
I am guessing they are 14" mufflers. I have been looking all over the web for this info.
I have 20" mufflers on my Eldo. It has a little tiny growl going on... almost like a purr. I am undecided on getting 14" Dynomax Super Turbos or 20" Super Turbos, for a deeper, louder, mellow growl.
I'm afraid the 14" would be too loud for everyday.... I would appreciate it if someone could confirm the length of the muffler case is indeed 14".
If the muffler is 14", then that's what I'm getting. If they're 20s... I have more thinking to do....
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