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You have to remove the cluster to get the 'glass' off. To removed the cluster you have to take the dash pad off. The plastic insert on top of the dash (with the speaker and the defroster vents) pries off. To get the dash pad off you have to take out all of the a/c vents across the front of the dash. Inside there are bolts that hold the pad down. I believe there are a few on top, too, under the insert you'd just have removed.

Once you get the dash top off it will be obvious how the cluster comes out. There's an electrical connector on each side was well as a couple of bolts.


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Take off the A pillar trim pieces, get a small screwdriver behind them and pry them out at the top, then work them out and unhook the speaker connections.
Then get a rag and a pair of needle nose pliers, put the rag inside the pliers so you don't scratch the vents, grab the center vane in the vent right next to the knob and squeeze lightly and pull the vents straight out.
Remove all 4, close the vent doors so you don't drop the screws down into the ductwork and remove the 4 screws that are angled up and inside the top of each opening (4).

Get your small screwdriver and pry the defroster grille off, it's pretty tricky so take your time. It requires some effort. Twist the sunlight sensor 1/4 turn counter clockwise and let it fall down, don't worry it won't go anywhere.
Remove the three 10mm screws at the top of the trim pad.
Open the glove box, remove the 8 Torx screws from inside to remove the glove box. Remove the trim surrounding the glove box and slide the glove box out. There are 2 connectors and a lamp lens, disconnect and remove them from the box and set it off to the side.
Lift up on the dash pad and pull straight towards the back of the car to release the 2 retainers. Disconnect the wire connector at the right A pillar area, take the dash out and set it someplace safe.
Remove the screws from the woodgrain vent trim piece, I think there are 4 accross the top and 2 behind where the glove box is.
Pull it out and disconnect the 3 wire connectors to the hazard switch and DIC controls. Remove the woodgrain trim.
4 screws hold the cluster in place, remove the two connectors and then take out the cluster.
I usually just replace the clusters so I am not quite sure how the lens comes off.

Make sure when you reassemble it to pay attention to reconnecting the hazard switch, DIC switches and the grey connector at the right that goes to the trimpad. You have to push down hard to snap in the spring clips on the defroster grille, note where each one is and push down hard right on top of each one.

Good luck.
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