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2000 Deville BAD IN SNOW

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I have a 2000 Deville and this is the first winter I will be driving it in the snow. To date I used the car only twice in the snow and it is terrible. I have a brand new set (8,000) miles of Yokahama Touring All Season Radials. ABS assist the stopping , but starting is a mess. The tries spin with the smallest peddel pressure. Traction control no help. Slighest of hills are like mountains. I am being pushed while smaller cars are going past me. This is by far the worst car I ever drove in the snow. Does anyone esle have this problem and can anyone recommend a good tire. I am thinking of going to studed snows. Something I never had to consider before this vehicle. Always had good luck with all seasons, but the Deville needs more.
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I cant remmber what tyres my wife's 04 has on it, but i find it great in the snow. It seems to have the power without the wheelspin, and handles very well in the corners. The brakes on ours also stop it very well, it isnt like her old car that used to skate accross the snow because the brakes were inferior
I checked out your tires and they have great ratings and all but I think in your case you may have to try snow tires.

I have found that cars haev little to do with how much the car grips the road and it has more to do with the tires.

Some tires especially economic tires always have less grip in rain and snow.

Tires are the most important item on a car the brakes and engine can do little if there aren't good tires on the car.
It's all about the tires. All Season tires are a compromise. If you want the car to perform in the snow you have to put snow tires on it, otherwise you have to deal with compromised performance in the snow.

My Century was pretty bad in the snow with all-seasons on it. I put Blizzaks on all 4 corners and that thing would go *anywhere* in the snow. It was amazing. The only limiting factor was the ride height.

As I mentioned I cannot remember what tyres are on the Deville, I will check though, I have also found in my time that Michelin tyres seem to have the best grip in the snow compared to any of their equivelants.

I suppose who is driving car helps too, the car and tyres are only as good as the driver
Granted, I didn't have a lot of hilly ground to traverse outside of Atlantic City, but my '99 Deville with Michelin Xs on it front and rear did just fine in the big snowstorm we had back around Presidents Day of 2003 - we got about 24 inches, and after I got the car dug out, I blew right out of my development through what was probably 4 to 6 inches of snow. Just kept the speed constant, started off reaaaaaaaaaalllll lightly to keep from spinning, and left about 6 car lengths to the car in front. Can't complain - it got me where I needed to go.
It wasn't as unstoppable as my '93 Suburban 2500 with the 454 Tonawanda engine and 10,000lb towing package, but then again, the Deville got better than 11 mpg and also could go over 80 mph..:bonkers:
Are the Yokohama tires speed rated, like S or V or Z? Speed rated tires don't do well on non-dry pavement sometimes. Just a thought. I've had three different tires on my 96 Seville and have had snow performance right on par or slightly better than I expected. I've had the stock Michelin XVWs, Michelin X-Ones, and Michelin Harmonys, and they have all done pretty well. If your tires are wider than stock, that will contribute to the problem as well.
Pirelli P3000 CINTURATO M&S™ are what I have on my 98' Deville and they are best all seasons in the snow that I have used. Much better than the standard Michelin Syemetry that are on some devilles.
Its basically by the way the site reads an "all season winter tire". Its does great on dry pavement, and slush/watery snow is no problem for this tire. Did good last year on the packed stuff too. I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a great summer tire and not get winter tires. If you have to drive on mud roads I can't comment on that as I've just done paved roads and gravel. As said before though, winter tires are the only ones that really keep you from slipping in winter. The tire runs around $80-$120. I've also heard the Michelin Hydroegde and X Radials are good.
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