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2000 Catera- complete car for parts. $800/obo (or mechanic's special)

I am listing this car for my niece. 2000 Cadillac Catera. 182,000 miles. Dark blue exterior, tan interior, both in good condition. It will clean up nice.

Car runs and drives. Everything seems to work. I just spent over $800 on parts to fix a bunch of issues only to find that cylinder #4 has some kind of mechanical failure leading to a lack of compression.

New parts in last month:

Replaced the oil heat exchanger (new design from ACDelco- if you know Cateras, you know what this is)
Replaced all six injectors
Replaced coil pack on driver's side (cylinders 2-4-6)
Replaced all spark plugs
Oil change with new oil filter cartridge (Wix!)

Replaced various other parts I found that were broken/needed replacement.

I was fixing it up for my niece and trying to fix a misfire on cylinder #4. I did the plugs, coil, and injectors hoping it was not a mechanical problem. Unfoturnately, I should have done a compression test first. Cracked head, blown head gasket, cracked valve, I don't know. I didn't tear the engine apart to find out.

This car still runs and drives fine, except for the fact it is running on 5 cylinders instead of 6. There are loads of good parts on it. The interior is nice for the mileage. No body damage. Decent tires.

Buy it for parts or buy it to fix, up to you. I am not parting it out. If you are a Catera enthusiast then this is a great parts car or project, if you are up to fixing the engine.

The car is located in Lakewood, WA, about 40 miles south of Seattle. I am asking $1000, or best offer, and, frankly, that price is flexible since she needs money to get a new car ASAP.

UPDATE- asking $800 obo


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