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IF the 2000 has a set of buttons on the driver's door - 1, 2 and EXIT plus Memory Set, try this. With the key ON, engine OFF, adjust to your favorite seat driving position. "Memory Set" - "1". Ding. Now adjust the seat for your exit position. "Memory Set" - "EXIT". Ding.

When you enter P and remove the key the seat should adjust to your EXIT setting and the steering wheel should move up out of your way. I'm not sure how your car is currently set, but some of the EXIT features are also tied to opening the driver's door.

See if you can find the owner's manual online and download a copy, or search the stickys at the top of these pages for an owner's manual link.......there's a lot of programming that can be done to the comfort and convenience features, and it takes a manual to figure it all out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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