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There is so much material concerning your question posted in this Forum and Northstar Performance that it would honestly take a NYC telephone book to hold it all. Your best bet is to browse the forums and threads for titles of interest, and take your mechanic with you.

Look up the methods for obtaining the GM Service history for your car of choice, as well as the RPO (Regular Production Option) list for the car. The "sticky" posts at the top of the forum pages contain much info, as does the "Cadillac Technical Archive" up in the black bar ^^^. Read the whole Archive.

Come back with specific questions, with the year, make, and model listed. They're all different to some degree. The 2000-2004 FWD Northstar package in the DTS and Concours represent the best of the series. Like any mechanical/electronic/electrical package, there are bugs and faults which crop up. Normal maintenance and the price of admission.

Welcome Aboard !!!!!!! :welcome:
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