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2000-2005 DeVille average Gas mileage

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What is everybody getting???

Ive had my battery disconected multiple times since I bought the car, but I went though one and a half tanks and Im at about 20.4
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It will depend on where and how you drive. I am averaging 24.5 right now. Most of that is from Woodstock to Elk Grove via I90. During the winter it will drop to 22-23. When I drove it up from Texas, when I bought it last year I got 26, but I was running 75-80 most of the way. Probably would have been better if I had backed it down some. No idea what you'll get around town.
WOW!!!! Thats amazing mileage! Im not a lead foot, so Ill expect to see my average climb. But your daily drive on 90 helps! Do you run premium?? Ive been running reg. either mobil, shell or BP
No, I run regular and have no allegiances. I buy from whoever has the best price.
I'm averaging around 17~18 mpg and use only Top Tier fuels.
I get around 22-24 mpg on average, as long as I keep my foot out of it.:eek: Mine seems to drink regular gas down real bad, but I can fill it up with premium and it seems to last longer even though the mpg readout stays about the same. go figure
I'm averaging 22-23 mpg on 87 octane. What's great about this car as Ranger indicated, the higher speeds don't seem to hurt the mpg. When I drive 75-80 mph, the fuel efficiency increases! And I'm having fun at the same time.
It's the stop/go and hard accelarations that kill you.

Ranger: btw, I'm from chitown. Lived in Bartlett. I used to drive I-90 from rte 59 to 53 every day. Has construction season began?

Ranger: btw, I'm from chitown. Lived in Bartlett. I used to drive I-90 from rte 59 to 53 every day. Has construction season began?
Clear sailing. No construction.
Clear sailing. No construction.
get outta here!!! 90 is ALWAYS under cunstruction!!! :bigroll: Havent been down that way this year tho...
Well, clear from RT 47 - Arlington Heights Rd anyway .......... this year. Now that the "open road tolling" is completed we no longer have to stop to pay the extortion fee. Just blow through at 70 and they take it out of your pocket and you never feel it .........til you get your visa bill anyway.
I once got 29.5 coming back from PA on The PA tpke to CT. I did exactly the speed limit the whole way. Sometimes 65 sometimes 55. It was amazing.
I reset the MPG and drove 300 miles. 02 base deville
Ranger, there is a cool thread on you pickin up your current '03 DHS .I think it's one of the coolest threads on CF forums .So, any chance can I re-read it if you know the thread ? I tried to find it but no luck lol
BTW,as I recall fuel consumption DTS vs DHS is different and what does to STS vs SLS , right lol
Oh boy, I forgot all about that. Try doing a search for "Stats". That seems to ring a bell. Let me know if you can't find it, maybe I'll have some luck.
Usually keeps at 24.6 using 91 octaine @ 77mph., this is at 6700ft., best I've had so far is 26.5 between 77 and 80 mph. on a 270 mile round trip.
Thanks Ranger,I am trying it now :)
I could not find it here, but I did locate it at Caddyinfo. I think post #6 is the one you are talking about.
This is the thread :highfive: :bouncy:
WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncy:
Thank you Ranger :thumbsup:
the best mpg ive had so far is 15.3 but i dont drive it that much and hardly get on the freeway. is that too low?
That is probably about right for city driving depending on how you drive it.
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