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You need to know the bolt pattern, offset, original tire outside diameter, possible brake parts interference.

Engine, transmission, and speedo calibrations are based on the original tire outside diameter. A 20" wheel won't leave much air/rubber between the wheel and ground ...... rough ride.

Here's some homework - 1992 cadillac deville tire wheel specifications - Google Search

Specifications can be checked in

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Will 20 in rims and tires for a 92 Devile?
sure - ASSUMING you get the CORRECT bolt pattern - offset - and width -

the problem is maintaining the OVERALL DIAMETER of the TIRE -

your original tire size is 205/70/15 -
what you are doing is swapping the outside diameter of the wheel and the inside diameter of the tire -

the OUTSIDE diameter is 26.3" - and must stay the same -
the original tire sidewall is 5.6" tall -

by changing the 15" wheel to a 20" wheel -
the sidewall of the tire MUST be drastically reduced by 2.5"
so the overall diameter stays the same -

you'll need to find a set of RUBBERBAND tires -
225/35/20 size tires would fit -

there is a reason you find these DONK wheels cheap on craigslist -
usually 3 of them are used - one looks new - and one tire is new -
hit a SMALL pothole = bent wheel and blown tire -
this WILL DESTROY the ride - you'll feel EVERY cigarette butt you drive over -
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