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2 Quick Wheel Bearing Questions

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I am planning to re-pack my front wheel bearings this weekend. Does anybody know what size the wheel bearing nut is on a 93 Fleetwood? Also, what is the torque specification when the nut is re-tightened? Thank you for your help. I want to have everything ready so I can do this job right.
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Go up to "Search" at the top of the site and type in

Wheel Bearings

You will find a whole bunch of threads with more than you need.
You'll have to toss stuff, but the info you want is there for packing and such.
I didn't see castle nut size, but it may be buried there somewhere. If not, any parts monkey should be able to come up with one at any parts house or more likely a GM dealer.

Good luck.:thumbsup:
Be sure to use an
EP (extended pressure) rated grease. EP 2 is even better. Chassis lube is different and sometimes lands up being used. Do you have access to a bearing packer of some type or will you use the drag it across the hand filled with grease method?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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