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2 Questions for Other V Owners

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This is my first posting and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have two questions:

1. I seem to be losing Engine Coolant but with no traceable (visible) loss. It occurs over a 2 to 3 month period. I have added one half container of engine coolant to top off the tank only to find that a month later it required more. My first question is: Is this normal? It was the summer months where I used the air frequently.

2. I am getting ready for winter and noticed the list of Winter Tires on the cadillacfaq site. I have it narrowed down to Blizzak LM22, Dunlop M30 or Michelin Alpin PA2. I am leaning toward Blizzaks but wondered if anyone has used any winter tires on the V's from previous years. Also, I was thinking of getting a tire/wheel package from the but notice they have only one wheel that fits the V. Does anyone know if there are other wheels that work with the V?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the reply's - that was fast.

As far as rims go, I wanted something mean and black for the winter...will check on the site and that TSB.

Thanks again!
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