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2 questions. Faster and rough ride??? Please help

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Greeting everyone,

I'm new to this site you please forgive me in advance. I have a 2007 AWD V6 STS. How can I make this faster? What can I buy or what mods do you think I could add? I made a bet with the friend for $100.00 to race his '09 Audi A4 quattro. How are my chances. Please help.

And when I drive around in my STS, It seems like I'm having sort of a hard ride, But I'm not sure on it. Id expect a little better from a Cadillac. I don't have any error code. Is there any way to see if I have anything blown in my shocks or is there a way to tell.

Thank you and god bless.
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These cars are no where near as "soft" on the ride as the older Caddy's.
You "should" do OK. if you had the V8, and RWD it would've been much better, but the V6 is no slouch ethier.
Just use Sport mode, and shut the TC off, and let her rip !
PS - I'm not condoning street racing (with a $50,000+ car) either, this is just for "the track".
If you have the MRC, set the suspension to Touring mode for the most comfortable ride quality. (not necessarily the best for the racing)
You probably should have gotten a DTS. They are softer riding. I just sold my DTS and got a STS. The STS is MUUUUUCH Stiffer and sportier riding.

Also, unfortunately there is not much you can do to improve your V-6. Not many mods are available for these cars. Even $1000 exhaust sustems will only give you a few extra horses. Next time get a V-8. They run like all hell breaks loose. With TC turned off, you can light up the tires for blocks like a muscle car...

Good luck with the race. It's gonna be a close call. REALLY close call indeed...
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