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2.8L vs 3.6L

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Is the CTS 3.6L engine a bored out 2.8L or are the two engines totally different? I heard from someone that the 2.8L is actually the engine used in a Saab.
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yes they are. the saab has a 2.8 turbo

Dude your response doesnt make any sense.

To clarify for op- yes they are pretty much the same engine. And yes, SAAB does have a turbo version of the 2.8
Has anyone mated the Saab turbo to the CTS 2.8 engine?
not worth it. why do you ask? limas you have a 3,2!
this is why asked.... ya baffooon!

just kidding bro -- u know i got like uber love 4 ya LOL
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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