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Hello gang.

Some of you know I've been running a secret pulley (read - a modified pulley a machinest friend of mine made) while waiting for time to install the 2.6" pulley from South Florida Pulley.

Well, I tried to today, and it doesn't fit. The bore and keyway are the correct size, but the back of the pulley isn't large enough to fit over the snout on the maggie drive shaft.:banghead:

Anyone else run into this problem?

On another note - the B&B AWH bar went back on today (and I have the TSB bushings in place). Wheel hop is greatly diminished. No surprise there.

Also - x-pipe went in this afternoon. Man...yum, yum. SOTP difference? Possibly - but the sound is just, well, :eek:

Next weekend - Hotchkis bars and drilled rotors :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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