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1999 caddiac seville sts 168, 231
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Well just when you think your perfect something like this happens... I replaced my fuel pump with a complete unit(with sender) had to rewire one of the plugs...the car starts and runs fine... after replacement the gauge read some what correct... 1/2 tank which is what I had in the tank... and then I filled up and it read full...stayed on full for a while and then went down to 1/4 incurements on the gauge marks every 50 miles or so... now it reads E with the low fuel light on...only 152 miles on the trip meter... thinking half a tank left at least...I have read some threads referring to this problem.... and that brings me to saying thanks to all the certified mechanics in forum..your pics,advice and problem solving so does helps out the shade tree mechanics and want a b's...and thanks all for having patience...:thumbsup:
I'm going out there today to triple check my wiring and possibly pull the pump back out and check it...also will look at there any thing else I should check??? I'm going to make sure the strainer bag is out of the way...and the Peripheral leak in the trunk rusted that lock ring took 4 soakings of WD40 and patient Persuasion to remove it... little scary..added a few pics if they come up...


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