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1999 STS and stock NAV?

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I was wondering if its possible to swap out the '99 STS radio and drop in a stock Cadillac NAV system. Not sure where I can find one either, but if it is possible anyone know where I could in fact get one? I've used the blue search button and really didn't find much other than people installing aftermarket headunits.

Help/an answer is greatly appreciated!


Found a thread on it but its all about '02+ models, nothing about my '99. And it sounds like it never worked, anyone actually get it to work? Just an idea that I had, thought it would be nice, but if its not worth the trouble I am probably just gonna throw this out the window.

HIDS anyone? :D
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It can be done but its not a simple plug and play application. Most people dont even think its worth going through the hassle of installing a stock nav system in a non nav car.
You'll get a far better system with better maps and GPS performance, easier to update, if you stick a Garmin 205W on the windshield. Not as bling, but anything is better than a 10 year old GM NAV. Even a paper map is better.
Ok thanks, but what if I wanted to control my radio/cd player through the nav system also, I guess Im looking for an all round nav system/radio?

Anyone know of a combo that works with the '99 STS?

And how hard is it to install HID conversion kits and the ballasts?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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