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this is going to sound stupid but 2 months ago i had some odd overheating problems. i had taken out all of my relays to check with ohmmeter and didn't realize until 2 weeks later that some go in upside down.i put this in seville/elso also. i took them out and checked the front ones while swapping with the under the seat ones. i finally figured the fans out, the 2 large underhood ones are reversed but now i haven't figured out all of them for front and rear and first thing in the morning i hope to get the upper intake finished with powerto the starter if i can come up with pice. this has happened twice lastsummer and at Thanksgiving with the startingproblem and ususlly wiggling wires but it sat for 2months in my driveway because of the cold they felt brittle enough to shatter and now since 1st of April and iwould love to have it running monday as my 01 f150 supercrew and 3.25 gas is bad enough.
any helpwith photos will be greatly appreciated and if needed i'll send a photocopy of title as i've seen before people think thieves are asking theft questions to steal but i can't afford Cadillac Repair rates.
thanks again
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