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Google "cadillac forums deville level control system" or something close. Could be the air bladders, air lines, or compressor/control system. Blown fuse(s) or destroyed air compressor.

# 16 air lines go to the shock bladders. The system compensates for weight changes in the trunk or rear seat. It is NOT "air ride".

ELC compressor exploded.png

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COULD be MANY things -

faulty ride-height sensor -
OR - the ride-height sensor connecting rod is disconnected -

leaking air bladders - solution is to replace the shocks -
I recommend the MONROE 40046 shocks -

leaking air lines -
you can use the MONROE AK29 manual-fill kit to repair the air lines -

faulty exhaust solenoid in the compressor assembly -
solution is to replace the compressor -
install the MONROE AK29 manual-fill air line kit -
inflate/deflate the air bladders just like inflating/deflating a tire -

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My back air bags won't come up , what do I need to do to get them aird up
First thing you need to do is figure out if the compressor is working. If it does, you have a leak. Spray the lines and shock bladders with soapy water and look for bubbles to find the leak.

If it does not power up, then you need to check the points Sub & Bass mentioned to figure out why it does not run.
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