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1999 Deville leaking transmission fluid

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My car has recently started leaking transmission fluid. I've been adding fluid but does anyone know the common cause for this. A friend of mine said it could be a seal. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also any idea on repair cost I know it will probably be expensive. Thanks.
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No idea what could be. Start by checking the hoses between trans/rad. Other than that time to jack it up and see what's going on.
Yep - where exactly is the fluid coming from ???

Your transmission is a dry sump unit - there should be NO FLUID on the dipstick with the engine OFF. Check level with the engine running, hot, on a level surface in P.

Next to the throttle cable bracket on the throttlebody there is a hose with metal "wiggle cap". That's the transmission vent hose. If the transmission fluid is overfilled there's a good chance that fluid will blow out that vent.
It was not overfilled I noticed transmission fluid was on my drive way whenever I moved my car, I checked it when the car was hot ( around 200 degrees) and it was low towards the bottom of the dipstick. It took a whole bottle of fluid before it was in the normal range. I was wondering where it could be leaking from? I'll jack it up this weekend and look it at I don't know anything about transmissions. I'll look into the wiggle cap thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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