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1999 Deville Blown Head Gasket!!!

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We have a Deville with 112,000 miles on it. It has a blown head gasket that the Northstar engines are notorious for. Quoted between $2700 and $4500 to fix it so we just bought another car because I can't justify putting this kind of money into it. My question is how much should I ask for it with a blown head gasket? It is in very good condition. Any help would be appreciated.
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I sold my '98 with blown head gaskets for $1800 but I had just dumped over $1k into it for '06 STS wheels and other goodies. In all I lost about $6500 in repairs, purchase price and customization over 1 year. Sold it to a guy that said he was fixing it for an old man he knew, blah blah blah. Two days later it was at a local used car lot (mom and pop kind) for $5900. Passed by that lot today as a matter of fact and the car is still there!. That dealer bought it knowing it has bad head gaskets and still put on the lot like there is nothing wrong with. Aint right!.
$3000 less than NADA, KBB averages.
Gonna be a hard sell for only $3k less than NADA.
I said $3000 only because that seems to be the average cost of repair. I suppose you'd have to include some incentive, so $4000 seems more appropriate. Maybe even more.
I am located in Rochester, NY.
2k at most with that mileage.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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