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1999 Cadillac Concours DEVille
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I have a 1999 Cadillac Deville Concours. It has Heated Massage Seats without electric headrests.

History: I wish i knew the info I am providing before I started the project, but the Internet led me in a different direction...Electric Headrests. On line, people talk about a tool to remove the headrest. EBay sells this tool for ~65. I beleive that it works with electric headrests. Like I said, mine are manual.

Description: The headrests use the same mechanism as most GM vehicles a plastic assembly with a tiny hole that you push a paperclip into and the headrest releases. Sound easy, right. Cadillac seats imbeds this assembly below a load of foam padding and tight leather. The holes in the leather skin where the posts come through have a plastic retaining ring which if removed will not go back together.

My recomendation (done from the back seat) :
1. Remove the lower back plastic panel on the seat that covers the massage assembly and remve the leather flap with the plastic clip from the cross bar.
2. Inside the seat above the massage parts, you will see metal tubes with plastic inserts coming through the bottom of them. With the headrests all the way up, squeeze the bottom of the plastic together and pull up on the headrests quite rapidly. I found that if I did not do this, I could not get my hand into the padding to get to the top paperclip hole on these plastic inserts.
3. Pull the headrest with the plastic inserts on the posts up so the top of the plastic inserts are at the bottom of the plastic gromits in the leather.
4. Two options here.
A. Wedge your hand with the paperclip in between the leather and the padding and insert the paperclip into the hole in the plastic insert. The hole faces toward the back window. I have large hands and this was impossible for me.
B. Pop a tiny hole through the leather and insert the paperclip and fish it around until you find the hole in the plastic insert. took about 30 seconds to find.
5. When the paperclip is in the hole, push on the paperclip and pull on that side of the headrest. Do 4 and 5 to the othe headrest post and rempve the headrest.
6. Align the plastic insert and push it all the way back into the metal tube. It must go all the way down or the headrest tube will not go all the way down.
7. Insert and Tilt the new headrest a little forward to depress and get it by the latches.
8. Route wiring as necessary from the video headrests.
9. Reattach the leather skin with the plastic clip on it to the crossbar.
10. Reinstall the back panel
11. Do the other side
12. Have a cold beverage of your choice (non alocholic of course since you're in a motor vehicle) and watch a video in the car!

Hope this helps
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