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1998 STS vs. 1995 Impala SS

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I'm looking for a '98 and later Seville STS, But my concern is... is it reliable. I currently own a '95 Impala SS, which I love, but I need more comfort. So what do you think?
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Hi, I have a 96 ETC and can tell you that it is faster than the SS. I raced one a few months back, and smoked it! (The SS is slower than the regular LT1 motors because it has iron heads, instead of the aluminum ones.)

The Caddies also have front wheel drive, which is great in the snow. You already KNOW about the comfort. Get an STS if you need four doors, or an ETC if you can get away with two. Good luck! :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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