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1998 Sts Aftermarket HeadUnit

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I have purchased 2 W7 12"s for my 98 Sts. I currently have the stock HU. Is there anyway to hook up the subs to the stock unit. I have heard all kinds of rumors about the BOSE radio HU and replacing. I want a new HU but I am not sure how much work will be required to install a new HU to my factory speakers and amps. Can someone with experience on BOSE please chime in and tell me what I need and what will not work anymore.
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you can do either or. To hook in a hew HU would be a complete BIA, and youd still need your old hu in the car in the trunk or somewhere. if you want your subs its easy. by a low level adapter. rig it to the stock sub wires in your car. itll turn those wires into RCA's connect the rcas to a new amp and there you go. I did the same in my 97 ETC only difference is i connected the adapter to the two 6x9s on the rear deck. The coolest thing about this is when you adjust the bass on your hu. the bass will slam more out of the new subs w/o having to adjust the amp.
Whats up i got a 98 SLS and i put a whole new stereo on mine. New headunit, new speakers in the door, subs, i got everything if you want some info on it it hit me up on my e mail. [email protected]. i can probly help you some.
You can take out your headunit no problem. it might be a big deal with lots of other cars but not with the seville. you just have to replace the door speakers and you can replace these with 6.5's the only other probly is there is not a dash kit that fits well. you would have to either have a custom one. or just a devlle one and modify it.
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