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C1243 - BPMV (Brake Pressure Modulator Valve) Pump Motor Stalled
C1234 - Left Rear Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted
C1255 - EBCM (Electronic Brake Control Module) Internal Malfunction

The ABS, TCS, and Stabilitrac all run off of the same module (mostly because all three need data from the same sensors to operate). This is why all those lights are coming on. The Module itself is called the EBTCM (Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module). When something goes wrong with one of those systems, the module will shut all three of them off.

I hate to say this but, I think you need a new EBTCM. The BPMV is located inside of the EBTCM, so that would take care of both C1243, and C1255.

Then the wheel speed sensor is part of the wheel bearing... You should take an ohmmeter to the sensor, just to see if the circut is open. If so, then you need a new wheel bearing. If not then you need to go hunting for the short....... Although, the main module that reads data from those sensors is the EBTCM, I'm not sure if I would trust that module anymore because even it say it has an internal malfunction... Maybe you should change that module first and see if that gets rid of all three codes.

Hope this helps.
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