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1998 Catera Bose Conversion

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I have a '98 with the stock options, no more. Is there any way I can convert my six speaker sound system to a the Bose eight speaker sound system?
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That isn't what I want to hear! Cadillac dealers around here aren't the best ways to go...not even to But since I don't have a Bose I think I might put in new speakers and be done with it...but if anyone has more info, please let me know.
Yeah go with aftermarket speakers and a reciever.

Trying to convert to Bose is not worth it and aftermarket sounds better anyways.
i agree with Jeff,get yourself a nice amplifier with a sub and i think you will do alright.
What do you recommend? I need something inexpensive, with easy installation, that still sounds nice. 16 year old kid working on a budget! lol Love the car though!
Hey, want a Bose system?? Trade cars with you... and have fun doing any audio mods.
Sorry bud, you have a 1997. . . Haven't much heard good things about the '97s. And I know where mines been since day 1!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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