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2005 Deville Arizona Edition
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1997 STS 840000 Miles

A long and winding road, This is a real head game to machanically reclined individual, It started a couple of days aga with the 50% AC 50% heat. The next day the low coolant messege came up on the DTC, Took it in for and Oil Change and had them Add coolant, Was planning on taking it in to Cadilac to have Coolant system flushed and filled and hoses, (I live in arizona )
Hear is my dilema. I was stopped for about 5 minutes in gear idling , I had been driving for 2 miles / 5 minutes When I got about 100 ft the car stalled and won't start, I pulled the codes and they were
IPC B1911 Generator L - Term,inal Problem
IPC B2710 Pass Key Open /Shorted Pallet
PCM P1599 Engine Stall or near stall
PZM B1971 Inadvertent power
ACM B1340 Air Mix Door One movement fault

I may have done a no no because some of these were current and they all come up as history now. My first suspect was all the people poking around and working on it screwed something up so I have been chasing my tail trying to figure it out. Did I mention it was raining and this is a fairweather car
and as a rule it idles poorly. Are there any of the above codes that would give my last couple days meaning or am I going to have to have her towed in to the Cadiman for a button push or a fuse alignment. Anything you can tell me about the above code or a possible solution, I have a slow computer and have spent many hours navigating through the threads and have found nothing that helped........

Happy bunny day
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