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1997 eldorado parts

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Ok does anyone know where i could order some parts for my 1997 cadillac eldorado, I need a new, or used as long as its not broken wood trim that has 3 vents in it, that runs above the glove box, it also has cadillac in cursive on it, and also does anyone know where i could get the bezel piece from inside the gauge cluster
it is the exact piece that the red arrow is on, if anyone knows what im talking
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except for the shifter, did you downgrade that puppy to the pre-94 shifter?
that is MY car lol
my avic n1, my fox racing sticker, my medici red ETC lol
yes that shifter i like the feel of better its from my dads 93 etc which i learned to drive on, i redyed it my color to match
well that wasnt my intention to get this about CadillacSTS2003's car, but does anyone know where I can get some of that stuff thats in good condition, like anyone that is parting there car, thanks

I have a 95 Eldorado that I am parting out. I'm not sure what parts would fit a 97, but it is a fairly low milage car with many good parts on it. all the suspension, driveline, stereo, etc are in good working order.

stockup thank you for actually replying no one has really been of any help but i beleve that the 95 is one year short of what i need i beleve that the 96 is the year they started putting the gauges that i have in mine but i could be wrong, im still looking for a part out of the gauge cluster, but if your wood trim is in good condition i would sure buy that from you.
I got the wood strip on eBay for $35 shipped. A while back.

You can get the instrument panel cluster too, but that's gonna cost you.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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