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1997 cadillac deville
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Hey Guys,
My name is George I was recently in a car accident and had a total loss of the love of my life. Worse than that we
had a long distance relationship. My 2006 Scion XB with 250,000 Miles and just having to only change the breaks, shocks and struts
in the time I owned her. I'm Currently Motorhead's Webmaster ( and I manage all their social media pages. They heard
about my accident and the loss of my vehicle, so they sent me money to buy a new car. What did I buy you may ask?
I purchased a 1997 Cadillac Deville with 127,000 Miles and thought I was getting a smoking deal. In fact, I still think I got a smoking Deal.
Other than the car's wheels feeling a bit unsteady. Need to replace the front end Wheel hub parts- If anyone knows the names of what I
should be replacing to make my wheels not feel like they are falling off, please post. The Car gets about 210-215 When going trough a drive
through. and every once and a while, she shifts kinda hard from 1st to second Gear. I'm currently installing 2 Amplifiers, 4 speakers, and 2 12"
subwoofers and I need a new motor for the front passenger door window and would love it if the back end wouldn't squeak so much going
over bumps. My plans for it are to Matte Black it, and use the Hood to put a large White Snaggletooth. Tint the Windows. maybe put some light
(wieght) rims on it and put some money into the cooling system. I see that the main issue with this car is overheating. Would be good to tackle that
before there is a problem.
Anyone know if I should flush the transmission as routine maint?

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Re: Cadillac from Motorhead (the band)

Welcome to CF !!! :highfive:

While your thread is an introduction, it also asks specific vehicle maintenance/repair questions. Moved to Deville.

Before you begin your "upgrades" you really need to learn what you have. Several of your intended "modifications" will cause you great pain, time and money unless you do them "by the book" - and a couple just plain won't work.

For starters, the cooling system needs no upgrades or changes - simple maintenance is all it takes, and one of the "overheating" bugaboos is not due to the cooling system at all. 210 - 215 degrees in slow/stopped traffic is perfectly normal. The thermostat is not fully open until 206 anyway. No, don't consider a low temp stat or even trying to remove it - it's a necessary part of the whole system design. Study first, mess with it later.

A transmission pan drop will change only about 4 quarts of the 17 in the transmission. Once again, you have a different animal - learn how it works and what it NEEDS before you screw it up royally.

A mid-90s Deville is a nice looking car - please don't uglify it.

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George.... Don't expect the trouble free ride you received from your Scion to continue with your new to you Sedan de Ville
Your Cadillac is an old hi mileage luxury car with an an extremely high frequency of repair.
Save your free cash for needed repairs and costly maintenance.
A big sound system and a wrap won't make it run any better and won't get you home when all the dashboard warning lights signal a mechanical failure.
You're not driving some kids cheese ball hot rod, you're now operating a sophisticated luxury car.
Think like an intelligent adult, not like a 19 year old techno street brawler.
Incidentally, welcome aboard.


George. I would not recommend a transmission flush. The wise thing to do is dropping the pan, changing out the old fluid for new and replacing the pickup filter assembly.
Have a Cadillac certified technician look over your cooling system. Ask for a test involving combustion chamber gasses entering the cooling system, have a thorough flush and examine all hoses and water pump.
Have the block inspected for major oil leaks at the lower split case too.
Bring along a wad of cash and say your prayers.

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My plans for it are to Matte Black it,
and use the Hood to put a large White Snaggletooth.

sounds - ah - ah - lovely - :vomit:


Anyone know if I should flush the transmission as routine maint?
what color is the trans fluid - and how does it smell?

bright pink/red like cherry KoolAid and little to no smell =
leave it alone -

brown and stinky = change it -
but -
DO NOT FLUSH IT - do a simple fluid exchange -
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