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1996 STS
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The cooling fans on my 1996 cadillac seville are not working.

One cooling fan relay was melted down along with its connector so I replaced the relay and wired in a new connector. This didnt do the trick so I checked the other two relays.

One looked maybe not so great so I replaced that. Still the fans wont kick on.

Saw somewhere online that it could be the ac compressor relay in the fuse box. My ac compressor doesnt work so I thought that made sense. So I replaced that. Still doesnt work.

I just took out the bigger of the cooling fans and cracked her open. Where the wires connect to it, on the inside of that connection, there was some yellow liquid. I may try replacing the cooling fan itself.

But I would like to know where the cooling fan control switches are so I can check them out and maybe replace them. I have no idea where they might be and have scoured the internet to no avail.

I also want to know where the coolant temperature sensor is in case that is bad too.

So my questions are:
Where is the cooling fan switch connectors located?
Where is the coolant temperature sensor located?
Is there anyone else who has run into a similar problem and fixed it?

Thank you, I would love to get these cooling fans up and running.
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