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The cooling fans on my 1996 cadillac seville are not working.

One cooling fan relay was melted down along with its connector so I replaced the relay and wired in a new connector. This didnt do the trick so I checked the other two relays.

One looked maybe not so great so I replaced that. Still the fans wont kick on.

Saw somewhere online that it could be the ac compressor relay in the fuse box. My ac compressor doesnt work so I thought that made sense. So I replaced that. Still doesnt work.

I just took out the bigger of the cooling fans and cracked her open. Where the wires connect to it, on the inside of that connection, there was some yellow liquid. I may try replacing the cooling fan itself.

But I would like to know where the cooling fan control switches are so I can check them out and maybe replace them. I have no idea where they might be and have scoured the internet to no avail.

I also want to know where the coolant temperature sensor is in case that is bad too.

So my questions are:
Where is the cooling fan switch connectors located?
Where is the coolant temperature sensor located?
Is there anyone else who has run into a similar problem and fixed it?

Thank you, I would love to get these cooling fans up and running.

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Welcome to CF !!!

Your fans should both run together. With no A/C compressor function set they go to SLOW at 224 degrees and FAST at 236. The engine cools to 213, they shut off, cycle repeats - slow traffic, hot weather. With some A/C or DEFROST function set they run in SLOW all the time to insure flow through the condenser.

The cooling fan "switch" is the relays controlled by the PCM and the ECT (Engine Coolant Temp) sensor. Relays and maxi-fuses in the underhood fuse boxes. ECT is in the rear (driver's end) of the right (rear) cylinder head, down low below the throttlebody.

Here's your pre-2000 fan circuit and the ECT location.

Text Diagram Floor plan Technical drawing Line
Auto part Text Line art

Fans and parts in

Change the water pump drive belt tensioner pulley while you're checking things out.

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,,,,,,,,,, and here's your temp gauge with notation.

Auto part Speedometer Gauge Measuring instrument Tachometer
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