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cobrayankee said:
It's a 1996 Seville SLS with 134,000 miles.
When I start the car up, I hear a very loud blower sound that stays on for quite a while. That's without the heat/ac/fan or anything at all on. Also, I hear a "ticking" sound. The best way to describe it is that it sounds just like you were sticking a plastic straw into a circular fan. This seems to be coming from my center console/shifter area, under the cup holder somewhere. I need to pull it apart one of these nights. Nothing seems affected, but can anyone guess what these two problems might be??? :banghead:
The blower noise when starting the car is probably the Air Pump. It can sound a bit like a vacuum cleaner (since the motor used is actually from a commercial vacuum cleaner).
The noise from the console is strange. I only had FWD Devilles and not Sevilles or Eldorados but I'll guess it might be the rear fan. I'm not even sure there IS a rear fan in your car but in the Deville, there's a fan in the console for the rear passengers.
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