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1996 FWB Rocker molding clips - issues

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Anyone have an idea where to buy these types of clips or have an alternative idea on how to keep this molding from falling off?

The issue I'm having is the rear rocker molding behind the skirt - the arched looking belt clips are broken. My car is ugly with this missing chrome panel...

thanks in advance!
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I have a bunch of them what #'s do you need??
Thanks for the response - One of Four the clips I need -

Part # 16615008 RROTR

the are four clips (Black belts if that make sense) total in the pic ( I need all four) - the tabs are broken either on top or on the bottom which holds the rocker - are those the ones you have?

many thanks!


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your set of clips are on the way....
and thank you Jim
Got the clips! Thank you again Jim.
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