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1996 Cadillac Deville
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I have just read about two years of posts on the subject of bushings on my first day on this forum. I have used this forum software on an aviation forum, so I feel comfortable here.

I got my 96 Deville in 2002 with 14,500 miles on it. Mom did not drive much and gave up driving, giving me her Caddy. I now have over 175,000 miles on it and things are needing attention. It appears that I am about to get acquainted with rear upper control arm bushings on both sides, front wheel bearings, and the throttle position sensor.

UP to this point, I have been using the local Caddy dealer in Chattanooga for work on the car, but that has to change NOW! I bit the big one when I had the Northstar engine sealed on the bottom with new main bearings, oil seals on the crank shaft, new gasket material at the seams of the pan, steel inserts for the mains bolts, etc. The oil stays in the engine now. The gas mileage is still running 25 to 27 MPH on the road at 70-75 MPH.

They also cleaned the throttle body and that is playing havoc with the O2 sensors (codes PC0139, 141, etc.) The technician who did the work mentioned something about the plug to the O2 sensor also may not be making a good connection. He said the sensor is down by the catalytic converter. The cleaner used on the throttle body could have contaminated the sensor, causing one of the codes.

I am also finding that I can be riding down the interstate at 70 MPH with cruise control OFF and my foot OFF the gas. I read something today in the forums about a problem with the throttle position sensor.

Along the way with this car, I have replaced the air conditioner compressor, water pump, all hoses, belts, blower fan, and the heater door in the dash. If any of that stuff fails, I will get a chance to see if the "GM repair once" warranty is meaningful. I had the transmission rebuilt at 90,000 by Cottman, not GM.

Now the old dead rubber parts that needs replacing are the bushings in the back. The wheel bearing noise up front has my attention also.

Last item: I hit a deer with a glancing blow a few years ago on the right front fender. The insurance company fixed it fine and I never gave it a thought until two weeks ago when I headed for Florida for a 10-day road trip. I started to get the rumble noise up front on the freeway at speed. I thought about the hole in the dust cover between the front bumper and the main cross arm supports to the chassis. I did that one day when I pulled up over a high curb and backed away. I had seen part of the cover hanging down and blowing in the breeze.

When we stopped for lunch, my passenger noticed the right side of the bumper was loose just in front of the tire and could be wiggled up and down about 3/8". A screw was missing on the inside plastic shield in front of the tire where it attaches to the wrap around bumper. I replaced the screw on the spot from my tool box. When we got on the road, the noise was gone. The right side of the bumper is still loose. By the time I reached my destination, the noise was back. In the past few days, I have noticed that the noise is diminished when I turn the steering to the right. It does not take much turning to the right to quiet things down. This is what makes me think a front wheel bearing is bad.

SO, resident experts, please help out this guy who lives from pay check to pay check. I have experience building my airplane, and want to put some of that mechanical aptitude to work on the car now and save some bucks. The airplane came as a result of mom's estate after she passed away. I built what I wanted, saving a lot of dough, rather than buying a factory-built Cessna, Piper, etc.

Thanks for any and all replies on the various subjects I have discussed above.

Jerry K. Thorne
East Ridge, TN (My airplane web site)
1996 Cadillac Deville with 175,000+ miles
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