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Re: 2000 sts hwad bolt torx specs and head photos

New torque/degree specs for 1996 - 2003 engines as of 2003/2006 Tech Service Bulletin (TSB) from GM:

30 lb/ft
70 degrees
60 degrees
45 degrees

Using NEW GM head bolts in the inserts.

It's at the bottom of P.6 in the linked TSB in the stickies in Engines; Northstar: Ring Cleaning Procedure.

Post #1 -

There is a new head bolt torque angle specification that should be used when
installing the head bolts. The new spec is 175 degrees total torque angle (the
previous specification was 190 total degrees). The 15 degree reduction should
be subtracted from the final pass. The final pass would be 45 degrees instead
of 60 degrees. This new specification will reduce the possibility of head bolt
thread damage and localized stresses, but still provide the necessary clamp
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