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This place has never let me down before and I've got a couple of nagging issues that have popped up over the last few months. These issues are on a 1995 Seville STS

A. Windshield wipers had an issue where I had to apply some downward or outside towards the dash) pressure to the entire stalk sometimes once I moved the switch to off to make the cycle actually break. As of a couple of weeks ago, the wiggling pressure switch stopped working and the wipers stay at steady (don't read any of the other speed settings except for high) until I turn the switch off and turn the car off and back on. Once I start the car back up the wipers go back down into cowl as they are supposed to. I'm assuming the whole switch should probably just be replaced...doesn't sound like a relay issue to me. But opinions are great.

B. A week ago we had a very hard rain, when I started my car the next morning I noticed my radio was off and wouldn't switch on. No clock, no sound...nothing. I've tried pulling both the fuse in the trunk and the maxi fuse in the bay and both looked fine and were tight. The radio had been working absolutely fine with no weird power issues. Not sure if entire unit is dead but I figured I'd pull her out and look around. Everything else in dash/seats seems to be getting power just fine so I figured it had to be a fuse thing. Doesn't seem likely the unit would just kill like that with the car turned off.

C. Started noticed that occasionally when I turned the car on the blower motor would not kick on. If I left the car running, popped the hood and disconnected/reconnected the motor, it would click on fine. So I replaced the motor with a NOS and it seemed to do the trick. Now 3 months later, same problem. Occasionally it doesn't kick on and I have to manually disconnect/reconnect. I'm not sure if I have a power issue slowly knocking things out so I'm hesitant to drop another $100 on another motor.

Thanks in advance for any help with any of these issues!
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