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Hello, I recently became the owner of this car, I live in Moldova. I had a question about the headlights. As soon as I turn the ignition key, the headlights immediately light up. As I understand it drl headlights. But the question is how to turn them off, and how to turn on only ordinary headlights. In the car there is only one switch that is responsible for the interior light in the cabin and no more any other light switches. Sorry for bad english. c:

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your Seville has a fully automatic headlight system - Twilight Sentinel -
there is a light sensor that determines when it is dark enough to turn the headlights on -
or run the DRL - Daylight Running Lights -

As I understand it drl headlights.
during daylight time - the DRL system will illuminate the LOW BEAM lights at reduced brightness
the ignition is ON - the headlights are OFF - and the transmission is NOT in PARK -

But the question is how to turn them off
you can not manually turn the DRL off -
you can disable the DRL system by removing the DRL fuse under the hood -

how to turn on only ordinary headlights
to enable the fully automatic Twilight Sentinel system -
simply slide the control to the RIGHT - away from the OFF position -
the DELAY setting determines how lone the headlights stay ON after the ignition is turned OFF -

to manually control the headlights -
slide the Twilight Sentinel control LEFT - to the OFF position -

to turn the PARKING lights and dashboard lights ON -
pull the round knob out 1 click -

to turn the HEADLIGHTS ON -
pull the round knob out fully - 2 clicks -

to adjust the brightness of the dashboard lights -
turn the round knob CLOCKWISE for BRIGHTER -

to turn the interior lights ON -
turn the round knob fully CLOCKWISE to the click -
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