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1995 seville body trim

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I got a 95 SLS and its starting to get nice out, and ive had thoughts of selling my car but i really dont know what kind of car i want, so ive decided to try to make it look better than it does while i have it. Now my question is, if i can replace the chrome trim that goes around the vehicle? As seen in this picture

It has the chrome on the top with the black underneath....I think this makes my car incredibly ugly lol, is there anyway i can replace just the chrome to make it shiny? Or replace the whole actual piece? because on my car some of the pieces that connect to form this whole trim around the car is loose.

Hopefully someone knows what im talking about lol, if it wasnt raining i would take pics to try to show what im talking about
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I know exactly what you are talking about. The Chrome and the black moulding that suround the entire car on the sls models only are seperate parts. Try gm parts direct to price parts and see what you may need. You may just need new clips that hold the moulding on. Try painting the black moulding the same color as the body color so it flows better. I have a black Seville so you don't really notice the trim.
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