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1995 Eldo Radiator Malfunction Identified: Need Help!!

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I previously reported a radiator issue. The Caddy dealer in Yokosuka advised there is a plastic drain mechanism at the lower right area of the radiator, and that the plastic piece has deteriorated, causing the leak/release of coolant. As I stated before, the coolant flows out perfectly from a small factory-hole under the radiator. The dealer recommends replacement of the radiator, $1,700.00. Really need some assistance. Otherwise I will sell this car, with 53,000 original miles. Can the plastic be replaced without replacement of the entire radiator? Any experienced advice is appreciated.


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Considering the age, that is possible. That labor fee is excessive. I'd ask them to break it down and justify that price. You might have some competitive prices with you. I suspect the hourly fee might be a little embarrassing.............. then again.
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