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1995 Eldo Radiator Malfunction Identified: Need Help!!

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I previously reported a radiator issue. The Caddy dealer in Yokosuka advised there is a plastic drain mechanism at the lower right area of the radiator, and that the plastic piece has deteriorated, causing the leak/release of coolant. As I stated before, the coolant flows out perfectly from a small factory-hole under the radiator. The dealer recommends replacement of the radiator, $1,700.00. Really need some assistance. Otherwise I will sell this car, with 53,000 original miles. Can the plastic be replaced without replacement of the entire radiator? Any experienced advice is appreciated.


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That's an impossibly high rate, if you know what you're doing (or have done it several times in a few month span ;) ) and have small hands it takes less than an hour to replace a radiator. Dealers I have found want $700-800 for a GM OEM radiator. You should be able to find one at an AutoZone with a lifetime warranty (the plastic side tanks on all these radiators crack eventually) for $250 or less when yours go. Until then, stick a new petcock in there, The last time I tried that though it didn't work because the actual housing developed a leak. Your other option would be to remove the radiator, drain it, let the housing dry out, JB Weld up around it and put the new valve in...

Once you go through patch fixes with the parts on these cars you'll realize the value in simply doing the job right the first time and replace the one part you need yourself, cause replacing or removing the same part 3 times in a month is a PITA and to let someone else like the dealer do it for you will result in some serious pain in the wallet...
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