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Hi, Just bought a 95 Deville with a cassette radio but no CD.. As far as I can tell the car is not wired for a CD in the trunk and the existing radio is just a cassette... It is the upgraded unit with the EQ but no CD player. I purchased a cd/cassette radio off of ebay same year but from the top of the line model... Mine is a 4.9 ltr.. new player is from one with the "northstar" model. I checked out the radio before I got it but could not verify the plugs... The physical radio looks a lot like the old radio that is in the car but the new radio's wiring harness is totally different. Any idea's ?? The seller I got the new radio from gave me both ends of the wiring harness so if I knew what wire went from old radio to new I could make it work.. I think.. but I do not even see an antenna connection on the new radio?????? OR.... I would like to stay stock but I would consider going with an after market unit but I'm not sure what to get?
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