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1995 Deville keeps dying randomly

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My 1995 Deville 4.9 keeps dying at random times... I usually drive with 2 feet because when I come to a stop it idles dow so low it dies so I keep a little pressure on the excellorator...sometimes it dies & starts right back up, & sometimes it dies and wont start for some hours & then starts right up like nothing happened... & sometimes when i start it, it drags like the battery is dead but then kicks in & starts up...I took it to the dealership & got a diagnostic... I did everything they told me... so far I have changed the Distributor, Distributor Cap & Rotor, New plugs & wires, New Idle speed control regulator, 02 sensors, catylytic convertor, cleaned the TB, new fuel pump, and fuel filter, TB positioning sensor, I believe thats all....Everytime I change something it runs great for a while & then it does it again

Im think about getting a new ECM...
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