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I recently bought a 1994 Eldorado.
I did not notice any big differences in this car till after I bought it.
I do not know much about Cadillac specialty models or modifications.
After getting a good look at the car I found that it is considerably different than other 1994 Eldorado's.

It has a light tan fake convertible top.
Car is Polo Green with a light tan side stripe.
On the rear side of the top "Polo Edition" is embroidered on it.
On the head rests there is embroidered green Cadillac wreath with a polo rider in the center.
On the front fenders there are chrome logos that say "Roadster".
The grill has vertical bars and no Cadillac logo.
I was told that this year did not have memory seats, but I do have them.
There are many other differences.

I did some internet research on the "Polo Edition" and found a few Deville's and Seville's that were Polo Editions.
It seems that Ralph Lauren who is president of the Polo Club ordered them special from Cadillac.

I could not get any information on a 1994 Cadillac Eldorado Polo Edition.
The logo on the roof and seats is the same as the logo for the Polo Club.
I would assume that someone could be sued for using the logo unless it is legit.

Can anyone tell me more about this.

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