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1994 FWB, need help with backup light assembly

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I need help with my 1994 FWB backup light assemblies. The grey plastic tabs that allow the screws to fasten the assembly to the inside of the bumper have gotten hard and brittle and basically just disintegrated. The passenger side light fell out last week and the drivers side is not far behind. I'm thinking I need to replace them, can't find one anywhere in my area. I'm in Akron, Ohio. I was hoping that maybe someone out there either knows how to repair them or knows a source to get relpacements. Thanks a lot. Jay
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I had the same problem I took my rear bumper off (very easy to do!) and took my backup lights out, and JB Welded flat metal stock (the light picture framing stuff at Walmart) and drilled holes in the correct place, in place of the brittle plastic that was gone on mine. Load it up good and make sure it is well captive so that even if it gets loose the JB weld is trapped with the bracket and it won't fall out again. Just make sure the JBWeld wraps around the front and back of the tabs. I bent it to curve to the light back, and welded it up good. If you don't use much, or try to do it one sided, it will not work well. Follow the JBWeld directions closely. They make larger sizes now for larger jobs.

Mine fell out the first day I washed the car after I bought it. Depressing!
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