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Happy New Yall!

I found code p080 (TP Sensor/Idle learn not complete) I tried the Learn Procedure but I still getting message p080. This is the procedure I was given, can someone confirm that this is the right procedure I used?

Now if a Diagnostic trouble code P080 appears
(TP Sensor/Idle learn not complete)
make sure nothing is touching or obscuring the accel. or brake pedals and outside air temp at least 50 deg F
1. Turn ignition on (engine not running)
2. Enter diagnostics
3. Turn ignition off
4. Wait min. 20 seconds
5. Turn ignition on (engine not running)
6. Enter diagnostics
7. Turn ignition off
8. Wait min. 20 seconds
9. Turn ignition on (engine not running)
10. Enter diagnostics
11. Turn ignition off
12. Wait min. 20 seconds
13. Start engine
14. Allow to idle continuously until coolant is 176 deg F, then idle additional 5 min.
15. Apply brake and place trans in “drive”
16. Turn climate control center (CCC) off and allow to idle 30 sec.
17. Turn CCC to auto and verify AC comp engages, allow to idle 30 sec
18. Place trans in “park” and turn off engine

(And if this is the right procedure in STEP 14 when I start the engine do I have my climate control on or off prior to step 16?) Thanks in advance!!

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I don't think it matters. The important thing is that it is in OFF state at step 16.

Yes, this looks like right procedure. IIRC, there are 2 slightly different procedures (for my 93 Eldo). Both should work.

IIRC, when I did the relearn precedure on my car the "Check Engine" light went out as soon as you entered step 18.

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