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1994 DeVille Sedan 4.9L
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As the title says, I had a few extra minutes before an appointment the other day and so I decided to quickly replace the bulbs that were blown out in the interior courtesy lamp array. First one seemed to work well, and lit right up. Second one made a spark and then it cut out, what I assumed, to be a blown. Checked all the fuses and relays related to my courtesy lamps. I’ve referenced my owners manual, the chilton’s guide and the other service guide- name escapes me at the moment.
Pulled all the fuses that would “make sense” in my head, but that hasn’t recovered the blown one, if that’s even my issue.
checked the relays and maxi fuses that were under the shroud under the hood and those were a bit corroded but still working and not blown.
What seems to be a huge clue is that the various other functions that are supposedly running off the fuses that powers the courtesy lamps are all working normally. It’s only the lights that are not working and even then, I noticed that one of the interior lights (the one on the door lower down that would cast a glow on the street when entering or exiting is still working. So one of those is still getting power, but the other 3 along with all the overhead lamps are not. Any ideas?
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