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1994 DeVille Concours
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I bought a 1994 Deville concours with 107,000 miles on it May 4th 2010. Within a week I had a oil leak, but I got that fixed for about $1850 at the local GM dealership. Well, ever since I got it back I have the "Service Ride Control" message on the dash. I know that some of you are looking into this issue, but I have been thinking of getting a passive system installed (any thoughts). I am now also having an issue with my headlights. When I pull out my light switch I am hit or miss if the driver headlight comes on. but what does happen is that my left turn signal and bright light indicators are showing on the dash. Lights are not bright, buy left turn signal is inactive even when I push the lever down. Anything like this happen to anyone else?
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