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1993 Sixty Special: ABS + TCS enigma

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I had an ABS problem ( both ABS and Traction Off lights were ON), which have been cured after contaminated brake fluid was flushed. After a week the problem is back again. When ignition is turned on, there is a hissing sound from under the hood, then there is a click and both lights go on.
What could be the problem, that changing brake fluid would solve, and then it would comes back ? Could it be a pressure modulator reservour level sensor ( this is basically the only thing which can be accessed and serviced) ? Anby ideas, experts ?
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i got no idea ...we need to run diagnostic on it ....push and hold off and warmer and write down everything that happens ....

but i think we may have to peperclip the proper terminals on the data connector as the ABS/TCS on these cars isnt exactly integrated with the ECU...its a seperate unit , in fact if i remeber right the whole kit and kabottle is made by bosch not sure what to paperclip in your case as i dont have manuals for these cars
Sorry, forgot to mention: no codes whatsoever and on this cars no on-board diagnostic for ABS, not even a flashing one :(
no , there is a way to get it to flash the ABS lamp by jumpering certian pins ont he ALDL ...i just dont know how to do it on yours ...i didnt get a chace to figure it out today ....been working with ABS systems since 1996 , im positive we can get codes out of it ....worse comes to worse take it to an autozone , theyll put the tool on it and flip the switch on the side to ABS and get your codes thataway
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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